Grammarly Free Trial Premium Account [5 Working Methods] 2019

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Ever wanted to get the trial of Grammarly premium for Free?

Then you've landed yourself on the right page. Today, we're going to discuss different methods (100% legal) to get Grammarly premium trial account for free.

First of all,

What is Grammarly and Why do You Need it?

Grammarly is one of the best grammar and punctuation checking tools which is out there in the market. Grammar checking on Grammarly is fast and smooth without any hassles. Grammarly offers many features that other grammar checking tools don't offer.

The best thing about Grammarly is that it works across various platforms. In Windows operating system, you can install Grammarly software, which can be directly launched from the desktop. Whereas in Linux, you can install Firefox browser and launch the Grammarly extension from the browser, which opens it in a new window. Grammarly extension is even available for the Safari browser and as a native app on the MacOS.

Recently, Grammarly has even launched their Android application. It is an Android keyboard which will replace your normal keyboard and help you with your typos and grammar errors.

This is especially useful because we are the mobile phone generation and we want everything within the palm of our hand.

Sometimes, we want to send emails or have an important conversation. Why let Grammar come your way?

With Grammarly Android app, never make that silly grammar mistake again.

I got Good English skills, Do I need Grammarly?

You may have got good English speaking skills but speaking and writing are two different aspects of the language. 

You may be a good writer as well, but to err is human,  isn't it?

Proofreading is a breeze when it comes to Grammarly. Grammarly is intelligent. It checks out for the various writing issues the copy has and helps you solve them.

Here's what popular magazine, Forbes had to say:

​"It's an online service that quickly and easily makes your writing better and makes you sound like a pro, or at least helps you avoid looking like a fool."

Pros & Cons Of Grammarly

Each product or service has got their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's discuss the pros and cons of Grammarly premium.

Pros of Grammarly:

  • Grammar checking and Spell checking. (Present in the free version too!)
  • Checks and enhances your writing style.
  • Plagiarism detector that browses through billions of pages to check if the content is a rip-off or genuine.
  • Dot Circle
    Enhances vocabulary by suggesting you sentences and words you can use.
  • Dot Circle
    Checking punctuation, Context and sentence structure, and even correct them.
  • Dot Circle
    It is fast and works fluidly smooth.

Cons of Grammarly:

  • Most of these features are available only in the paid version.
  • The paid version is pricey.

In a routine survey conducted by Grammarly, It was found that 99% of students have improved their Academic grades and over 85% of general people have become matured writers.

Is Grammarly an effective Proofreader?

Rather than being just another Grammar checking tool, Grammarly has been used by many people for Proofreading purposes.

Whether it's your college assignment/essay, It can correct it all.

If you're writing your first book, you might have heard about the editing process. It is when many publishers, accept or reject your hard work.

With Grammarly premium, you increase your chances of getting published as the proofreading process get's simple and easier.

It's simple, just copy and paste all that you've written in Grammarly and within few seconds Grammarly is going to point out all that is wrong with your manuscript.

It clearly explains why your words and sentences are wrong and suggest a fix automatically, thus imbibing you with knowledge of common grammar mistakes and making you a better writer.

Convinced to get Grammarly?

Cool. So, now you must be confused about whether to pay for Grammarly or use the free version itself.

We ourselves use Grammarly and we recommend you to use Grammarly Premium over the free version. The free version of Grammarly itself is really useful, however, the paid version provides a host of other features such as:

  • Plagiarism detector that checks more than billions of web pages. 
  • Advanced checks for punctuation.
  • Vocabulary enhancement checks.
  • Dot Circle
    Sentence structure and context check.
  • Dot Circle
    Writing style enhancement, etc.

It is safe to say that the premium version is for someone who's really serious with their writing.

I want premium version of Grammarly! But It's expensive!

Grammarly premium, If billed monthly, costs around $30 per month. This price is seemingly good, but for some, this may be expensive.

This is why we're going to show you some legit ways to get Grammarly premium version for free.

Yes, you need not spend even a single penny!

So, without wasting any time,

Here's how you can get Grammarly Premium free trial account:

How To Get Grammarly Premium Free Trial Account?

There are many ways to get Grammarly premium for free, let's list out these ways:

Grammarly Free Trial

Grammarly Free Trial

  • 1
    Grammarly free trial account for Bloggers. [E-mail Template Added]
  • 2
    Via the Referral Program.
  • 3
    Contacting Grammarly team via social media as an Influencer.
  • 4
    Contacting Grammarly, If you want to a team subscription (Grammarly Business).

If you google, you may find various other methods which have become Obsolete as of now. Heck, some even ask your Grammarly credentials promising it to make it premium. We'd highly suggest you not to fall for such cheap phishing tactics.

Your account not only gets compromised, but the amount of content you've written also gets stolen.

Let's Discuss:

Let's assume, you got a blog that has a decent amount of visitors coming to it and finding value. As a result, you can now get in touch with the Grammarly team, asking them to provide you with a free trial of the premium version of Grammarly, in an exchange with a Review of it on your blog.

This is simple, just follow the steps.

Step 1:

Actually, use Grammarly for a few days by signing up from this link.

Step 2:

After using Grammarly for a few days, you have to get in touch with the Grammarly team by writing them an email that you want to review their product and in order to review their premium version, you'd be needing a trial version of premium to test it out.

After this, the Grammarly team will get back to you with a premium version of Grammarly. This premium version is usually valid for 30-days.

A sample email looks somewhat like this:

My name is XXX and I'm a blogger. I write about XXX and XXX and this is the blog I run "XXX". I just wanted to say, I've been using Grammarly for over a month now and I find Grammarly as the best Grammar checking tool in the market right now.
Most of my readers are inclined towards improving their English skills, and nothing else comes to my mind to suggest them, other than Grammarly. Hence, I want to write a blog post, as to why Grammarly is an effective tool, In this way, I'll help my readers and this is sure to get the word about Grammarly out there.
But I can't complete my review without using the premium features of Grammarly. I'd definitely like a trial version of the Premium account in order to complete my review.

This is how an email should be. We'd suggest you not to copy this as it is, and add your version so as to why you'd need a premium account. In this way, you're going to get a 30-day free trial of Grammarly Premium.

Another way, If you're a Blogger,

Note: Follow this method if you have a good website and you really want to promote Grammarly on your blog. Don't follow only to get Grammarly premium account for free.

Yes, you can go to this link, and click on sign up. You can also sign-up by using ShareASale and Commision Junction. 

If you're not familiar with these sites, you can sign up within their own website by filling a small form (Takes less than a minute) and become a Grammarly affiliate.

The best part of being a Grammarly affiliate is that, whenever you make a sale, you will be given $20.  Yes, if someone purchases Grammarly from your link, you'll be given $20. In case, If the user clicks on your link and signs-up for a free account (not the paid one) you're still going to get $0.20.

To quick-start things up, you can place a banner, write a post and you'll get a free $25 credit from them!

It's a win-win.

What if you're not a blogger?

If you're not a Blogger, you can still get Grammarly premium version for free. 

What do you have to do?

Simple, just refer friends.

The referral system of Grammarly Premium is very simple. You just have to refer a friend, who signs up from Grammarly from your link.


You got 1-week free access to Grammarly premium. What about your friend?

Even he gets a week's access to Grammarly premium trial account.

It's a win-win situation for both of you.

In order to get another week free, you just have to refer another friend to install Grammarly, and your premium period is gradually extended.

If you're inviting 30 people to sign up from your link, then you got 30 weeks of Grammarly Premium! That is solid 6-months of Grammarly premium for free.

As an influencer, sometimes you may not be having your own website. It is totally alright as many influencers don't have their own website, instead enjoy good amounts of following on various social media channels like Youtube or Instagram. 

So, If you're an influencer, Message Grammarly on Social media and let them know why you need Grammarly and how Grammarly can help you boost your social media game.

After messaging them, Grammarly will get back to you and offer you a premium trial account, which is at least valid for 30 days.

Let's say you have a team of writers or a team of professional employees that work for you. Your team might not exhibit the same command over the language as you are, so they need Grammarly to correct their small Grammar mistakes.

If that's the case, then there's a good news for you. Grammarly offers separate plans for teams. If you're a team and want to get Grammarly for your team, you've to email Grammarly, so as to get a free trial subscription of Grammarly for 30 days.

Here's a sample email, that will help you understand:

Hey guys!
My name is XXX and I have an xxx business. I've been personally using Grammarly for a few days and I felt an upgrade over other grammar checking tools. Grammar checking was never so easier and smooth, thanks to Grammarly.

​We felt the need to apply this in our business in order to improve the communication between ourselves and our clients.
​Before buying it for the team and our business, I'd like to test out the premium features offered by Grammarly for Business. This will help me and my team take a decision, whether, this is for us or not.


As you can see, you are professionally approaching the Grammarly team and asking them politely for a premium trial account. The team will get back to your and will offer you a trial period of 30 days for you and your team.

The best part of this is that The cost becomes cheaper. With a team subscription, the premium version is just going to cost $10 per head, per month. It is a 15% discount over regular consumer pricing.

These are the four ways in which you can get Grammarly Premium free trial account.

Discovered any other new way? Do let us know in the comments below!


There are certain precautions you need to take to be safe when trying to get Grammarly Premium.

Beware Of:

  • Sites claiming to make your account premium by asking your login details. Yes, It doesn't work like that. It's phishing and you have to report to Grammarly, in case you see such practices.
  • Using illegal group-buy schemes. Yes, If you're using group-buy tools, which is against Grammarly regulations, It's most likely that your account will get banned. Do keep in mind, however lucrative these services might sound, It also carries a risk of your account being compromised or your content being stolen.
  • Minus Octagon
    Any other tool, that claims to make Grammarly premium: There are many Hackers, that are trying to make you download and install a software that claims to crack Grammarly. It doesn't work because Grammarly is an online tool and Cracks can't be applied to online servers.

Lastly, these are the few methods by which you can get the Premium version of Grammarly for free or for a much cheaper price. 

We totally recommend Grammarly because It's hands-down the best Grammar checking tool on the Internet.

Last Updated: 25 January, 2019.